Proshare Nigeria Ltd.


Upper Room Plot 590b, Lekan Asuni Close, Omole Phase II, Lagos, Ikeja, Lagos | 014543811|

Company background

Proshare Nigeria Limited, founded in December 2006, is a niche financial information service hub with a key focus on markets, business, technology, regulation, MSME, personal finance and economic development.

Proshare's remit is simple: to serve as a critical bridge between investors and markets. Yet the mandate extends beyond providing credible, reliable and timely financial information on a 24 hour loop through an institutionalised network of researchers, analysts, contributors, and content owners; to being the standard bearer for governance practices, fact based intervention, local investment data and market informatics.


We are organised as a professional practice to provide accountability in our role of opening up the market place by complementing regulators and SRO's to shape conversations, advocate on key change imperatives, hold the system accountable in a collaborative manner and raise the bar through the way we conduct our engagements. Our goal is to facilitate the information needs of a vibrant, productive and growing African economy.