Smithswork Limited


10 Hughes avenue, Alagomeji, Yaba., Yaba, Lagos Mainland, Lagos | 08090614663|

Company background

Smithswork Limited was born out of the work-of-art of a fine craftsman whose work delivers the finest solutions from an excellent and diligent mind driven by integrity. Smithswork Limited exist to unlock the potentials of small businesses.

At the core of our mission is our passion for our country. We are cognizant of the growing young workforce population and the need for Nigeria's over 37 million small businesses to grow and increase productivity with a view to put these young workforce population to work.

Smithswork Limited envisions being a model of help to Nigeria with our contributions to the MSME sub-sector.


Smithswork Limited's core functions include:

- Business Advisory.
- Finance.
- Data Analytics.
- CSR Advisory.